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Lee said that since the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations in 1992, China and South Korea have worked on cultural exchange projects at different levels, including ones between governments, public agencies, private institutions and schools."We can't afford to see so many decades of global economic liberalization going down the drain. Perhaps China is the answer," he added.The 2019 South-East Europe Belgrade Building Expo (SEEBBE), as the most important specialized trade event in the entire region, has gathered around 600 exhibitors from 27 countries this year."There are some areas where we've had disputes, but there are other areas where we've cooperated and I think that has been win-win," he noted.



  • He anticipated that the forum will set the foundations to push for the effective cooperation projects through living discussions between participating countries and companies.
  • SINGAPORE, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- The 26th Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress was officially opened here Monday.
  • China first participated in UN peacekeeping missions in 1990, when five military observers were sent to Syria. Since then, China has contributed the largest number of troops to UN peacekeeping missions and the second largest share to the UN peacekeeping budget.
  • Since 68 percent of the oil and more than 39 percent of the natural gas used in China nowadays are imported, the ability to be self-reliant will be hard to achieve, Sun said.
  • The perception of the participants in having an equal footing into the mechanism is "welcomed and appreciated," Musabelliu said.



  Through field trips, many have realized the truth and understood the urgency, necessity, legitimacy and rationality of carrying out education and training. They have all recognized that violent and inhumane terrorist activities in the region, provoked by religious extremism, were causing outrage, the white paper said."The BRI five principles are almost identical with the UN-proposed 17 SDGs, for the BRI seeks economic and social development for all, which is in line with the main theme of the SDGs," he said.Being aware of the current strained bilateral ties between China and his home country, Scholar sincerely hopes the situation would improve as the world altogether is facing severe challenges such as climate change where joint efforts from the world's two biggest economies are indispensable.


JAKARTA, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- Indonesian customs office officials have foiled an illegal shipment of rare lobster seeds offshore from a sea port in Bali resort island and nabbed an alleged smuggler, a senior official said on Wednesday.
"He has given us in principle approval," he added."We have enjoyed excellent partnership with Chinese companies over many years," said Martin Shanahan, CEO of IDA (Industrial Development Authority) Ireland, a government-sponsored body responsible for attracting FDI into Ireland, here on Wednesday, after addressing a seminar organized by a local think tank AsiaMatters on the growing strategic importance of Asia in the future development of Ireland's FDI.
"We have nabbed the two managers of 1 Above rooftop restaurant. They are accused of fleeing the spot without helping customers who were trapped after the fire engulfed the eatery," a senior police official said Monday."Over the past decade, the cooperation has matured and deepened. Presenting a unified voice and agenda on key issues impacting not only on BRICS, but equally (for) all countries globally, illustrates the BRICS' commitment to forging a better world," Prinsloo said.
'AS' reported that Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu and his directors knew Iniesta's decision, as did coach Ernesto Valverde and his team-mates.
INBAR, established in 1997, is a multilateral development organization that promotes environmentally sustainable development using bamboo and rattan.
"The project is also a confirmation of successful Croatian-Chinese cooperation, proven by giving the important role of bridge construction to Chinese companies which have impressive experience, people and equipment. All that has convinced us that we have a reliable partner who will complete this technically demanding project," Butkovic said.
BEIJING, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- The 3rd International Dulcimer Music Festival has opened in Beijing, inviting dulcimer artists from home and abroad to perform and exchange views on the instrument.Other significant results from the mission include studies of ocean circulation, the ties between the ocean and the atmosphere, and improved global climate forecasts and predictions.


  • GUANGZHOU, Aug. 28 (Xinhua) -- The China International Comic Festival will be held from Sept. 6 to Oct. 6 in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, according to the organizer.
  • Xun Siwei, a garbage collector in the neighborhood, found that the carton contained a plastic bag full of golden accessories.
  • In order to achieve the sustainability of bilateral and multilateral relations, it is advisable to intensify joint efforts in the implementation of international and regional integration projects, Rakhimov said, while acknowledging that disagreements and problems between the partner countries exist.
  • Jain looks upon Chinese Opera as a portal into another culture. She is passionate about the opportunity to share cross-cultural experiences that can enhance our understanding of other cultures and countries.
  • According to Djukanovic, the BRI will help improve infrastructural connections and logistics around the world, leading to increased exchanges and overall progress.At the annual conference of the Boao Forum for Asia this year, China outlined a new policy that highlights more measures for free trade and investment, including lower tariffs for automobiles and other imports.BERLIN, March 26 (Xinhua) -- China has shown the world that with proper measures, COVID-19 can be controlled within six to eight weeks, which has offered hope for the world, said a German expert.
  • Kania's first entry into China was Shanghai in June 1987 when the Pudong district in the city was just rice fields. He stayed at then Shanghai Mansions which was the only upscale hotel there at that time.The 31-year-old analyst made the remarks in an interview with Xinhua. He has finished writing his first research report "Focus Neue Seidenstrasse (Focus New Silkroad)" on the Belt and Road Initiative and published it lately.
  • "The program aims to promote Mongolia via the works of domestic and foreign photojournalists and enrich foreign press archives with new pictures of modern Mongolia," Tserendorj Batbaatar, president of the United Association of Mongolian Photographers, told Xinhua during the opening ceremony of the exhibition.




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      重庆时时推荐杀号Vehicles queue up to be loaded on board a roll-on roll-off ship at the Yinxingtuo passenger ferry terminal by the Yangtze River in Zigui County of Yichang, central China's Hubei Province, July 5, 2019. (Photo by Zheng Jiayu/Xinhua)

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    NEW DELHI, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- India's Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said on Saturday that Feb. 12 recorded the highest number of passengers on domestic flights since the resumption of the services.

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    重庆时时推荐杀号"Both sides discussed the broad contours of bilateral trade and commercial ties and agreed to continue their discussions for achieving mutually beneficial outcomes aimed at further growing the economic relationship and addressing mutual trade concerns," it added.

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    As some landmark projects for sustainable development will be launched in the near future, the positive results of these projects could dispel doubts from certain sideliners, thus laying the foundation for a better global development in the future, Maurer said.

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    重庆时时推荐杀号"UNIDO's cooperation with other Chinese governmental institutions and large enterprises has in recent years addressed climate change, energy efficiency and green finance, particularly in regard to the development of Small and Medium Enterprises in developing countries," Li told Xinhua.

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    "We want to set up a systematic approach," explained Geraci, adding that the China Task Force will be subdivided into four general focus areas covering cooperation with China in the third world, China's macro economy and politics, high technology and chemicals, as well as culture and education.

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    重庆时时推荐杀号A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled phase 2 trial of the Ad5-nCoV vaccine has been initiated in Wuhan to determine whether the results can be replicated, and if there are any adverse events up to six months after vaccination, in 500 healthy adults -- 250 volunteers given a middle dose, 125 given a low dose, and 125 given a placebo as a control, according to The Lancet.

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      "We are targeting to be champions in the ASEAN Para Games," Nahrawi said in a statement on Wednesday.